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Richmond Hotel Kagoshima Kinseicho

Just steps away from Asahidori Tram Stop, Richmond Hotel Kagoshima Kinseicho features comfortable guestrooms, free property-wide Wi-Fi and a breakfast buffet.Enjoy a calm time in a relaxed atmosphere with stately design facilities. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time check-in checkout?

A. When the check-in is 2:00PM, the checkout is 11:00AM.

Q. Even if the checkout time is passed, can you extend?

A. I will receive the extension until 2:00PM. The extension charge is received for 1000 yen an hour.

Q. Before the check-in and after it checks it out, can you leave one's luggage?

A. We will keep it. Please feel free to the reception desk to tell us.

Q. I want to send luggage beforehand ・・・

A. Please send the luggage to the following address.
892-0828 5-3, Kinsei-cho, Kogoshima-shi, Kagoshima
TEL +81-099-219-6655 FAX +81-099-219-6668
- Sorry to trouble you, but please fill in the staying day and the name of those who stay (full name) on the slip.

Q. Can credit be used?

A. It is possible to use it by the one of the following credit card companies.
VISA/JCB/DC/UC/Diners Club/American Express/UNIONPAY

Q. Is there cleaning service?

A. It accepts in the reception desk. It is finish of 18:00 on the evening of that day if it is possible to put it out by 9:30 in the morning. It is asking for payment when putting it out. (day and rest on holiday)

Q. Can the takkyubin(home delivery service) be put out?

A. It is possible to put it out with [kuronekoyamato] of the tie-up. We will be preparing the advance payment slip and the cash on delivery slip. The cool mail is also possible. It comes for the collection of cargo twice about the morning and the afternoon.

Q. Are the copy and the fax possible?

A. The copy is ten yen a black and white, and the fax is received for 50 yen a transmission (Foreign countries are 100 yen a transmission).

Q. Parking fees?

A. It is 1000 yen a night stay.

Q. Before the check-in and after it checks it out, can the parking lot be used?

A. Usually in the hotel parking lot at 12:00PM It is possible to use it until 12:00PM of the checkout day. It is possible to use it for 100 yen an hour when there is becoming empty in arrival → parking lot of the morning.
(Please use the hotel multistory parking garage. The tie-up parking lot is improper. )
Hotel parking after it checks it out after 12:00PM of → Is putting the car in and out possible?The hotel parking lot can be put in and out for 24 hours.
The parking lot lying will correspond at 7:00-23:00.
I must use time zone for the reception desk besides.
The tie-up parking lot will : to 7:00 23:00 - next day.
(Sundays and National Holidays: 22:00 to 7:00 on the following day) It is not possible to put it in and out.

Q. Can you park though are a large car?

A. The hotel parking lot When it is 5.05m in total length, and 1.85m in width by 2.05m or less in height or ground clearance 10cm or more, I can get the order. The tie-up parking lot can be used in case of 2.10m or less in height.
(It is when it is not possible to use it according to the model and weight. )

Q. Can the parking lot be reserved?

A. Unfortunately, it is first-come-first-served basis because it doesn't receive the reservation. When the hotel parking lot is a full car when it comes will guide it to the tie-up parking lot in the vicinity.

Q. Can the motorcycle be parked?

A. Though it will guide in roofless plane bicycle-parking space if it is good Because it cannot assume the responsibility here at all even if there are a theft etc. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Q. Can the Internet be used in the room?

A. Yes, it is possible to use the Internet with LAN cable or Wi-Fi in the room.

Q. Is LAN cable lent out?

A. It puts in preparation for all guest rooms, and it exists in drawing out the desk.

Q. Are there a Japanese-style room, a large bathroom, and a conference room?

A. Unfortunately, it is not in our hotel.

Q. Are there a vending machine and a microwave oven?

A. There is up to the second floor and the ninth floor the vending machine and it is in the vending machine corner of the ninth floor the microwave oven.

Q. How is breakfast going?

A. It is possible to eat 6:30-10:00 in ""Ineya restaurant "" of the first floor in the morning.
- The breakfast ticket (with drink bar) is being sold by the one person 1000 yen in the reception desk.
It is a table d'hote form that is chosen from among the replacement during the Japanese food, the European food, rice gruel, and the week and gotten.
The menu : in the changing case.

Q. How is supper going?

A. It is possible to eat until"" and 17:00-23:30. The supper ticket (Satsuma [hanakagozen]) is being sold by the one person 2000 yen in the reception desk.

Q. Is there a room service?

A. It is possible to use it until 17:00-22:30. It receives it in the 400th extension.
- The menu is in ""Guide in the pavilion"" in the room.

Q. Can you lie of the child?

A. The child's following the grade-schooler junior high school year lying is free.
(Lying : up to one child about one adult. )
If it is possible to report beforehand, I will prepare towels a lot. Moreover, there are pajamas and a pillow for children, too and feel free to tell us, please.

Q. Could you prepare the crib?

A. We will be preparing it. The put room is limited because of the size of the bed. Moreover, it numbers is limited and contact the hotel, please.

Q.Can the receipt that adds up the eating and drinking fee (breakfast ticket and supper ticket) in the room charge and the restaurant be issued?

A. When the reservation is an accommodation plan breakfast and with the supper, when the breakfast ticket and the supper ticket are bought in the hotel reception desk, it is possible to issue it.
- When it is paid directly by ""Ineya restaurant..""
Please note that the receipt of addition cannot be able to be issued.

Q. Is the receipt of the laundry charge and the takkyubin(home delivery service) issuable?

A. It is possible to issue it. Please tell us when you pay in the reception desk.

Q.How should I go from the airport to the hotel?

A. The airport limousine bus is leaving at the second terminal.
Please get off at the bus stop “Kinsei-cho” or “Shiyakusho-mae”.
It takes about 50 minutes and the fare is 1,200 yen.

Q. How should I go to the airport from the hotel?

A. The nearest airport limousine bus stop is leaving at “Shiyakusho-mae”, where take 3 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Richmond Hotel Kagoshima Kinseicho 
5-3, Kinsei-cho,
Kogoshima-shi, Kagoshima
Tel: +81-99-219-6655
Fax: +81-99-219-6668

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